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Success Stories

Small Loans: Big boast to small businesses: Case study of Meera
Sitting confidently in her shop, conducting business on a mobile phone is not something you see many low caste women in a rural village in Rajasthan State in India do every day. She is an icon and a leader for her peers and runs her own enterprise- ‘Matching and Sewing Centre’. Meera is 30 years old and a mother of three children who go to private schools, an achievement not many in the village can boast of.

Loan for each milestone: Case study of ‘Chota’
Chota & Babulal (husband) are one of many people in the village, Lakhawas, Rajasthan, India who greet strangers with a warm smile and hot cup of tea. Residing on a mound, Chota and her family (in picture) belong to a low caste who used to make earthern pots for living since ages called ‘potters’..

Big dreams through small loans: Case study of Meena
Looking at Meena (in picture) one would find it difficult to believe that she has been through such difficult time at such a young age because her vibrant smile camouflages it all. She is only 28 years old and a mother of two. Hailing from a well to do family she entered a debt ridden joint family of her in laws after marriage, with an alcoholic brother in law who lost most of the family assets in his business efforts very soon she left with no choice but to took up the role of an earning member.

Living with Change: Case study of Mohini
Mohini Devi, 28 is the group leader of women’s group in Dudu village. Her relationship with PSC has been long and her loan requirements have been diverse. She is a mother of 3 who now go to regular schools. Mohini’s situation before her association with PSC was very different because she was not an earning member and her family income was only dependent on her husband’s daily wage which was insufficient.

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